About the Musicians












Guerry Boger

Guerry has been a professional piano player for more than fifty years. He plays ragtime, Dixieland jazz, the old standards, and humorous songs. He and his wife Jana play Oktoberfest music the tenth month of every year. Guerry is a talented musician.  He is the piano player for the Naples Dixieland Jazz Band.





Jana Boger 

Jana is a tuba player with Sounds Of Yesteryear. She has played with Dooly’s Dixie Five, The Ron Bill Show, Palm City Jazz, and subs in occasionally at Erin’s Isle, Naples Dixieland Jazz Band and  The Jazzaster’s. She has been  a street musician in New Orleans, played at the Sarasota Jazz Festival and played extended past engagements at The Fun cruise,The Gas Light,  The Witch’s Brew, The Jacaranda, Ballard’s Inn Block Island,  Cypress Garden’s and performed Civil War reenactment and theme  events. She also performs Oktoberfest. She is a retired  registered nurse and worked for NCH.











Wes English

In about 1950, at the age of 15, Wes began to develop an interest in playing the banjo, influenced no doubt by hearing his father play a beautifully decorated Weyman banjo that he had played in the Greymont Garden Orchestra in Berlin, Germany, in the late 1920’s.  Wes learned the rudiments of playing tenor banjo from his father, and by his second year in college, he knew enough to play in a square dance band at the University of Maine, the same school where his father had first heard his classmate Rudy Vallee perform.  After many years of amateur playing at neighborhood parties, Wes formed a banjo band in Portland, Maine.  He decided to switch to plectrum banjo and took lessons for a year and a half from one of Maine’s best banjo players, Don Nichols.  He played in various Dixieland bands in the State of Maine for 20 years, formed his second band (the Penobscot Banjo Company) in Bangor, Maine, then moved to Florida where in 1999 he organized his third band, the Marco Island Strummers. He has been the Director of the Marco Island Strummers since 1999.  He is a member of the Naples Dixieland Jazz Band and the Naples Jazzmasters.



Marc Gerber

Marc is a Retired Civil Engineer/Builder from Mount Kisco, NY now living in Naples. He took piano and music theory lessons as a young boy and determined he could only play one note at a time. He then discovered Benny Goodman and at age eleven took up the clarinet. His father, who was a dentist, noticed that the clarinet was pushing his front teeth forward. In a successful attempt to avoid orthodontia, his father told him to switch to trumpet which he did at age thirteen.

At Lawrence High School Marc played trumpet in the marching band, symphonic band and the Top Hats, a four piece combo. At Cornell University Marc played in the Big Red Marching Band, the Pep Band and the Symphonic Band as well as a Dixieland Band.  He is a member of the Naples Jazzmasters, Marco Island Strummers, Naples Swing Band, The Entertainers Dance Band, and the Flamingo All Stars. He plays all the old jazz standards & swing tunes from the 30’s – 40’s and loves to play Dixieland. He is Vice President and Treasurer of the Naples Jazz Society, Inc.



Jim Gover


The extent of Jim Gover’s devotion and effort to make our kind of music in Naples is unequaled by anyone else. Jim is a graduate of the University of Kentucky. He served with the United States Air Force. He is a retired dentist, expert musician on tuba, trombone, piano and harmonica and Civil War history lecturer. Simply put, Jim makes the music happen here in Naples. He was the President of the Naples Jazz Society, Inc. until April 2021.


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Jim Hansen


During his college years at the University of Illinois, Jim  played in a Hot Dixieland Band on RUSH Street, in downtown Chicago, at Bourbon Street and in the Music Room of Mr. Kelly’s. He also played in a “classic “1960’s rock and roll Band that toured and recorded rock and roll records.  After college he moved to St. Louis and played with some of the top Dixieland Bands of the time in the Music Room of the Robert E Lee Riverboat and under the St. Louis Arch. He participated in the creation and management of the Mississippi River Festival at Southern Illinois University.  Jim moved to Naples in 2000 and became the drummer for the Naples Dixieland Jazz Band.


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Lois Kehoe

Lois grew up in North Dakota where at age 15, she entertained weekly at the local U.S. Air Force Base in the Officers’ Club and NCO Clubs.  Throughout high school and college, she sang with a jazz band and entertained regularly in a popular supper club.  After moving to Chicago in 1965 she worked in a law office during the day while entertaining periodically in the evenings at The Italian Village, a well-known Chicago restaurant, as well as at private parties in the Hilton and Blackstone Hotels, and other venues.  

In 1972, Lois moved to Minneapolis where she spent the next 22 years working for a large law firm, retiring as the Director of Administration in 1994, when she and husband Terry started spending half the year in Naples. They became Florida residents in 2001.  Shortly thereafter she started playing piano and singing with a few other local musicians just for fun.  Then, in 2016, she was asked to sub for another musician and her professional music career was essentially reborn.  She currently entertains regularly at many Naples venues. She is the President of the Naples Jazz Society.














John Keys

John learned Piano as a boy. He grew up in Idaho listening to hymns, Gospel music and old favorites. His aspirations and talents were put on hold through an active business career as an electrical contractor. When he retired, he joined the Marco Island Strummers and his talent and aspirations were finally met. John plays with several musical groups in Southwest Florida focusing primarily on Dixieland Jazz and Ragtime. With his wife Jacki he founded “The Keystones” which provides fun time sing-a-longs for senior citizens living in assisted living facilities.















Dave KillKelley


Dave began to play the clarinet at age 14. His neighbor in Manchester, New Hampshire, a well-known musician, had convinced him to take up the clarinet. While Dave was in high school, he played the clarinet with a professional concert and marching band in Manchester.  Also, while in college, and in law school he played clarinet and saxophone in dance bands and concert bands and he played regularly with the 39th Army band in New Hampshire.

While in his second year of law school, he transferred from the Army Band to the New Hampshire Air National Guard in the legal office where he became a Judge Advocate General officer for the Air Force assigned to the New Hampshire Air National Guard. 

He continued to actively practice law primarily in New Hampshire for a total of 48 years while maintaining various military positions in active and mostly inactive duty capacities until his retirement from the military in 1996.

Over the years he continued to play music mostly with several Dixieland style bands in New Hampshire and in the Naples Florida area.

In 2011 he was honored by the New Hampshire bar Association with the designation of Honorary member for the rest of his life. In the interview for the NH Bar Journal at the time of receiving the above honor he told of his intent to move permanently to Florida and still go to court every day, “but this time it is the tennis court” ….and that he intended to continue playing in Dixieland bands “for as long as I can.” Now at 85 years of age he continues to play music in mostly Dixieland style bands in the Naples area.    





Marty Krebs


Marty’s participation in the Marching Band, Concert Band and “straight-ahead” Jazz combo at the University of Wisconsin-Madison convinced Marty that the trumpet was to be an important part of his life. When not playing trumpet, Marty operated a printing company. He continued playing his trumpet by performing with national headliners including Jay Leno, Isaac Hayes, Johnny Mathis, Maureen McGovern, Glen Campbell and Lou Rawls. Marty played with the Beale Street Jazz Band every Friday night for ten years at the Red Mill in Brookfield, Wisconsin. World class clarinetist Chuck Hedges was part of the group. During those years he was also a member of the Basin Street Saloon Band which performed at the Sacramento Jazz Festival and other International Jazz Festivals. Now in Naples, Marty was a member of the Naples Jazz Orchestra and is presently playing trumpet with the Naples Dixieland Jazz Band and the Naples Swing Band.





Bob MacInnis

Bob started on the trumpet in the 4th grade, continuing to play in the school band and orchestra and then in the U.S.Army Band. Today he brings a wonderful tone tempered by years of experience and knowledge not only to the Naples Dixieland Jazz Band but also to The New Liberty Jazz Band and to many other groups in the Boston area playing everything from classical to swing as well as traditional jazz. Bob has an MA in education. He brought his 15 years  as a  skilled Precision Toolmaker/Machinist  as well as his teaching abilities to Shawsheen Regional Vocational High School in Massachusetts from which he recently retired. He resides in Billerica, Mass and Naples, Florida. 





Brian Newsom

Brian Newsom

Brian has loved Dixieland music since he was a young boy!  He loves Eddy Peabody .Traditional Jazz music has always been his favorite music. Brian’s dream was to play in a Dixieland  band. 

Since retiring he has had the time needed to pursue that dream.

His retirement life has been consumed by banjo activities and organizations. Brian is Chairman of the North American International Banjo Convention. He is on the Board of the American Banjo Museum. Past President of Banjos Unlimited and Banjos of Michigan. He is a member of the Flint Banjo Club, the Gold Coast Banjo Club and the Gulf Coast Banjo Society.

Brian is in Michigan most of the year but lives in Fort Lauderdale three months every winter.

We are thrilled to have his talent and infectious smile on our stage every time we can get him.







Richard Smith


Richard Bruce Smith

With more than 50 years as drummer, percussionist, and teacher in Manhattan, Philadelphia, and surrounding NE metro areas, Richard has experience on the drum set and other forms of percussion instruments having performed with different artists in various genres including jazz and standards, rock and blues, big band, country and contemporary.

In addition to gigs, club dates, and concerts, Richard has played on different musicals in New York and on tours; some include Phantom of the Opera, Jekyll and Hyde, Cabaret, Into the Woods, JC Superstar, Anything Goes, and South Pacific to name a few. In addition to performing, Richard also has recording experience for commercial use and drum clinics. 



Peter Van Wyk

Peter Van Wyk


Peter Van Wyk has performed as a trombonist and pianist in a variety of venues for jazz and dixie ensembles, variety shows, cabaret, and musical theater. He worked as an entertainer on cruise ships and s an educator in mathematics. Originally from Rochester, NY, he currently resides in Naples, FL.

Peter is on the Board of Directors and Secretary of the Naples Jazz Society.